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Alex Kemp
category: Assassins's member other projects | author: Satomi0212
Alex Kemp

▼Alex Kempとは・・・嬉しいalexのソロプロジェクトです。

嬉しいAlex Kemp: Vocals, Guitars, etc. David Suycott: Drums. Erron Williams: Piano, Synthesizer. Rodney Jones: The Bass. Also: 女Merritt Lear, vocals; Nick Macri, Bass.

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Merritt Lear
category: Assassins's member other projects | author: Satomi0212
Merritt Lear

▼Merritt Learとは・・・merrittのソロプロジェクトです。

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Small Factory
category: Assassins's member other projects | author: Satomi0212
Small Factory時のalex2

▼Small Factoryとは・・・嬉しいalexが昔していたバンドです。多分、もう解散しているものと思われます。

嬉しいAlex Kemp: bass and vocals
Dave Auchenbach: guitar and vocals
Phoebe Summersquash: drums and vocals

While never the most popular, most acclaimed, or most innovative act on the underground pop scene, in their own way, Small Factory crystallized and articulated the effervescent brilliance of American indie rock like no other band of their era. With their artfully tuneless vocals, primitive but indelible melodies, and singular combination of innocence and abandon, the group captured the sound and spirit of their moment to perfection. Small Factory formed in Providence, RI, in 1991, teaming singer/bassist Alex Kemp, singer/guitarist Dave Auchenbach, and singer/drummer Phoebe Summersquash. After earning a strong local following, the group made an enormous splash at the now-legendary Lotsa-Pop-Losers festival in Washington, D.C., soon after making their recorded debut, "The Giant Merry-Go-Round," alongside Honeybunch and the Scottish Bachelor Pad on a flexi-disc included with the fanzine The Milky Way. After closing out 1991 with their first proper single, the Collision Time label release "Suggestions," the following spring Small Factory moved to Slumberland to issue the follow-up, "What to Want." A series of British dates in support of Heavenly resulted in a more extended American tour opening for Fudge and the Dambuilders. New material, the Pop Narcotic single "So What About Love," wasn't released until the summer of 1993, trailed soon after by the epic "If You Hurt Me," the indisputable highlight of the Simple Machines label's Working Holiday singles series. Another label move, this time to Spin Art, preceded the fall release of Small Factory's debut LP, I Do Not Love You; for the follow-up, 1994's sublime For If You Cannot Fly, the trio jumped to Virgin subsidiary Vernon Yard. Small Factory disbanded in the fall of 1995, with Kemp and Summersquash reuniting in the inferior Godrays and Auchenbach resurfacing in Flora Street; the singles compilation The Industrial Evolution was issued by Pop Narcotic in 1996. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

not imageTitle: Simple Machines Working Holiday: August
Release Date: 07/01/1993

not imageTitle: Industrial Evolution
Release Date: 06/14/1996

Suggestions Happy to See Not Afraid What to Want Here You Come Giant Merry-Go-Round Hey Lucille If You Hurt Me So What About Love We Will Yeah Hopefully Lose Your Way Scared of Love

I Do Not Love YouTitle: I Do Not Love You
Release Date: 09/30/1993

I'm Not Giving Up Keep On Smiling What to Want What Angels Say Our Deseret Valentine Lots to Do Pretending It's Sunny All Your Reasons Come Back Down Friends Junky on a Good Day

For If You Cannot FlyTitle: For If You Cannot Fly
Release Date: 01/01/1994

Last Time That We Talked Expiration Date Hi Howard I'm Back Sensible Everyone's Happy for the First Time in Weeks Versus Tape Bright Side Sun Goes Ahh Three Months Later For When You Cannot Land Sixteen Years

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Butterfly Child
category: Assassins's member other projects | author: Satomi0212
Butterfly Child

▼【Butterfly Child】 ・・・男joeのソロプロジェクトです。


Butterfly Child created some of the most luxuriant, romantic and intoxicating music to be released in the 90s. Based around tumbling jazz rhythms, glacial guitars and the bewildered voice of Joe Cassidy (Belfast, Northern Ireland), the project began in 1991, releasing two EPs on AR Kane's h.Ark! label. Onomatopoeia, Butterfly Child's debut collection of precarious pop collages was a revelation, a masterpiece: Melody Maker's Taylor Parkes judged the album's seductive, celebratory pop to be "Astral Weeks at five years old . . . like trampolining in a conservatory flooded with sunlight." The follow-up, The Honeymoon Suite, sounded utterly inebriated on love with lines like "Bang goes your head, the light bulbs flash/You know what it's like on one of those days/You're so inspired, it's like the rockets are tied to you" ("Ghost On Your Shoulder") arousing the unmatched joy of a newly-formed relationship. The lyrics to the album's final song "I Shall Hear In Heaven" were even arranged in acronymic fashion so that the first letters of each line spelled out the name of Cassidy's lover, to whom the album was dedicated. Aborting recording sessions in the UK, Cassidy relocated to Chicago, USA to record his third album. Curiously, Soft Explosives drew occasional comparison to Oasis, a band previously perceived as Butterfly Child's emotional and aesthetic antithesis. The touching, elegant result of recordings sessions with a quartet of drummers and a 12-piece orchestra, the album seemed to provide a counterpoint to The Honeymoon Suite's love-struck deliriousness. Yet while the album may have ended with the poignant "The Sound Of Love Breaking Apart", on tracks like "Big Soft Mouth" and "Drunk On Beauty", Butterfly Child still sounded smitten: "If you've ever been drunk in a pub, staring at someone beautiful, just watching them move, in a blur, this was probably the music in your head," judged US magazine Pitchfork of the release. (RADIO ONE "JOHN PEEL SESSIONS" BIOGRAPHY)

Tooth Fairy EPTitle: Tooth Fairy EP
Release Date: 1991

Softest Thing Since Skin Words That End In 'G' Jacqueline Frost Hollycopter

EucalyptusTitle: Eucalyptus
Release Date: 1992

A Breath Of Fresh Air Viola Rocket Singer Minimal Sub-marine

BeaujolaisTitle: Beaujolais
Release Date: 01/01/1994

Passion Is the Only Fruit Half a Crown Curtain Call One More Pull on the Heart Strings

The Honeymoon SuiteTitle: The Honeymoon Suite
Release Date: 10/01/1995

Mother Have Mercy Passion Is the Only Fruit Ghost on Your Shoulder Flaming Burlesque Unwashed, UncoolCarolina and the Be Bop Revue Deep South Louis as Anna Six Urchins Botany Bay Towns Come Tumblin' I Shall Hear in Heaven

OnomatopoeiaTitle: Onomatopoeia
Release Date: 04/22/1997

Ave Our Lady Mississipp Lunar Eclipse Who Said What to Whom Young Virgins Call for Mutiny X: Celcius Cancer Killed Capricorn Triumphant Verte Ecole Stars Light up Orleans Queen Glass Eva

Soft ExplosivesTitle: Soft Explosives
Release Date: 04/21/1998

Big Soft Mouth Drunk on Beauty Holy Hymn Number One When You Return Mad Bird Beautiful Girls 1929 Someone's Sister Zepplin Catches Fire at Speed Don't Talk to Me Reprise Gringo Life Without the Compass Sound of Love Breaking Apart

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category: Assassins's member other projects | author: Satomi0212


Ben-Jammin Hughes: Vocals, Guitar
Electro Golitko: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards←嬉しいdavid
S.E.T.H.: Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
A. Roni Miller: Drums, Programming←嬉しいaaron

GONZO ~ Bizarre; unconventional.
ELECTRO ~ Pertaining to electricity, produced by electricity
NOISE ~ A loud outcry or commotion
POP ~ Of or for the general public; popular or popularized

We are four wildly individual individuals who agree on nothing and create music as a way to bruise and bully one another into some consensus. The ultimate outcome is a lot of crying and hugging and making up and music that makes you feel as though you were a galactic watermelon seed shot through the teeth of God.

We've set every standard for electronic music over the past 10 years only to find that everyone else had the same stinking ideas a few nano-seconds later. Since the entire universe is ripping us off we've had to keep our steely nerves pointed inward like daggers poised over aortas of our hearts.

There can be no end to this struggle for without the constant mud-slinging and name calling there could be no reunion and love making and thus nothing new for you to listen to and found your future goals and opinions upon. Without MARVELKiND there would be no 21st century, so remember that. We work for you.

Enjoy free samples at www.MARVELKiND.com!

Mini EPTitle: Mini EP 聞き耳を立てるListen お金Buy mp3 CDBuy CD
Release Date: 1998

U.S. Erf Nobody Ever Gets Away Pride Jackass & Pussycat=lyric= There Are No Accidents Dysrhythmia

Chasing The DragonTitle: Chasing The Dragon 聞き耳を立てるListen
Release Date: 1998

Brilliantine (4-Track) Cherry Wine (4-Track) Grass (4-Track) U Ax'd 4 It (4-Track) Singers & Seethers (4-Track) Roll Up, Roll Over

Split 7Title: Split 7 聞き耳を立てるLesten CDBuy CD(But Now CD Not In Stock!!)
Release Date: 2000

Two Sides

Just What This World Needs... a tribute to Material IssueTitle: Just What This World Needs... a tribute to Material Issue 聞き耳を立てるListen
Release Date: 2000

Diane---Muchacha with Scott Lucas Valerie Loves Me---Land Of The El CaminosTrouble---Marvelkind Kim The Waitress---Moreno Goin' Through Your Purse---The Dorks What Girls Want---Kiss n Ride Chance Of A Lifetime---Joygirl A Very Good Thing---Aberdeen International Pop Overthrow---Made To Fade Funny Feeling---Dragon Girls A Very Good Idea---Box-O-Car She's Goin' Thru My Head---Ness This Letter---Today's My Super Spaceout Day

Conquering The UniverseTitle: Conquering The Universe Chorus Verse 聞き耳を立てるListen お金Buy mp3 CDBuy CD
Release Date: 2002

We Don't Need To Belong Central City=lyric= Plug In The Drug Machine=lyric= 音楽free download Cool Off The Jets=lyric= Not Even For A Minute Icy Bongo Hits Same Mistake White Hot About Loves Actress, Actress I Can't Remember When Ordinary Faces Cherry Wine

CTUCV - RemixesTitle: CTUCV - Remixes 聞き耳を立てるListen CDBuy CD(But Now CD Not In Stock!!)
Release Date: 2003

●Brian Fifield Remix - I Can't Remember When

itunes CD Baby www.ubl.com

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